Maty's Notes Random notes about Network Automation, DevOps, Linux and SDN
I’ve been lucky to travel the world & speak in conferences. This is updated list of conferences where I was speaking or will be speaking. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have me speaking at your conference.

Cisco Live
One of the largest global technical conferences.

CLEUR 2019 (Barcelona, Spain) - An Open Software Approach to Network Automation (DEVNET-2805)
CLEUR 2020 (Barcelona, Spain) - Accelerating Success through Certifications and Automation with the New Network (ITMGEN-3009, Co-Speaker)
CLEUR 2020 (Barcelona, Spain) - Streaming telemetry: The value of 'realtime' analytics for the network (DEVLIT-4023, Co-Speaker)
CLEUR 2020 (Barcelona, Spain) - Building a Network Automation Practice (DEVNET-2805)

DevNet Create
DevNet Create is the conference that joins the forces of network and application developers for 3 days in Mountain View.

DevNet Create 2019 (Mountain View, California) - Using Streaming Telemetry for Network Automation and Monitoring
DevNet Create 2020 (Mountain View, California) - Deep Learning with Tensorflow

DevNet Express
DevNet 2 days hands-on event focused on network programability and automation.

DevNet Express DNA (London, UK) - DNA-C, SDWAN
DevNet Express DC (London, UK) - Ansible, Cisco ACI and Python introduction
DevNet Express Meraki (Barcelona, Spain)
DevNet Express Security (London, UK)

Czech and Slovak Network Operators Group is a community of ISPs and network operators. Vendor agnostics event.

CSNOG 2019 (Brno, Czech Republic) - Using Streaming Telemetry for Network Automation and Monitoring

LinuxDays is a open source conference mainly focused on Linux and Unix.

LinuxDays 2018 (Prague, Czech Republic) - Network change management and continuous integration in the age of NetDevOps

London Network Automation Meetup
I was helping to organize London Network Automation meetups.

London Network Automation Meetup #1 (London, UK) - Network as Code